Alexis Crystal exclusive Interview for Wow Girls

A brown eyed, brown haired beauty, she stands at just 5’6 tall. She’s slim and weighs only 114 lbs. She’s 22 years old and has been in the business for four years. Her hair is incredibly long and she’s very beautiful. She has a beautiful pair of 32As and is absolutely delightful to interview. This young and in 1993 born pornstar shows her skills at sites like Reality Kings, 21 Sextury, Nubile Films, and 21 Naturals. Now we have her on board at the famous Wow Girls Website! Shes a long haired stunner born in the Czech Republic is 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing a natural 34 A natural breast cup. She used a lot of akas in her 5 years career like Dominika, Domi, Liz, Sindy, Anouk, Anouk I. Alexis is from the Czech Republic and has one of the sweetest and sexiest accents that I’ve heard.

So I’ve noticed that you do a lot of work with multiple partners in the scenes that you do. Is there a reason why?

AC: I really like working with guys and girls. It’s such a nice mix. There’s such a variety when you’re not the only two on set. It’s a lot of fun figuring out how you’re all going to interact. I think it’s more challenging than working alone or doing one on one. It’s a lot more fun too!

Is there anything particular you like about having sex with girls?

AC: I like that they also have boobs. I really like my boobs and I love to play with them. So when I’m with a girl, it’s double the fun. Both of us have boobs. It’s the same with the vagina. I have one and she has one. It’s easy to know what to do with a girl. You just do what you want done to you and usually she loves it. It’s also easy to tell when a girl is into. Guys aren’t as good at reading people as girls are. Girls know when you don’t like something. With guys, a lot of the time you have to tell them if you don’t like what they’re doing. So that mean that it’s often easier to have amazing sex with, since they don’t have to be told what to do.

How do you like working with girls?

AC: Oh I love it. It’s really fun. The girls that I work with are all so nice. It’s really great because you can have sex but you can also talk about girly things. Like shoes and make up. It’s like having a lot of best friends that you also have sex with. It’s the best thing about this. That’s why I love working in porn so much. Everyone is so open and friendly. I think it’s the best job to work at if you really love sex.

Do you like anal sex?

AC: I do!

That’s surprising! I’ve never seen you do anal on screen before.

AC: That’s because the guys are so big and rough. Plus you have to clean yourself out all the way and sometimes you can’t eat. I don’t like being hungry or waiting that long. A lot of work goes into making the perfect anal scene in porn and that’s just not something that I can do. Not when there’s other easier ways of doing things.

Tell me about your first time doing anal

AC: Well it happened at home, like all my anal sex does, he was going down on mean and just put a finger in my ass. It felt so good. It was amazing. I loved the feeling. He wasn’t doing anything special, no hard thrusting. He was just really gentle and nice. It made everything more intense and led to an amazing orgasm in just three minutes. I came so hard. Then, since I was already prepared, he put his cock in me and we had anal sex together. It was so amazing. It really gives you a feeling of fullness. It’s so different than vaginal sex and I really love it.

I’ve seen you use a Hitachi magic wand in a lot of your videos, is that something you do at home?

AC: Yes! It’s one of my favorite things. There’s so many different attachments that you can buy for it. It’s used a lot in those videos because it guarantees that the girl is going to get off. It’s my favorite thing to have used on me. I love it. The vibrations are so strong.

Do you masturbate a lot?

AC: I’ve done it for some videos, yes. Those ones are kind of boring to make. But they’re easy to do and I can do a lot of them before I get too tired.

I meant at home, but that’s good to know!

AC: Oh! Yes, of course, who doesn’t? I love using the magic wand at home. I don’t use the highest setting though. When I’m at home, it’s all about me. It’s nice to have sex or masturbate without the lights on you and the director telling you what to do. Honestly some people think that having sex on camera would make it boring. But it’s completely different. It’s a lot like a job to me. But sex at home is so different. It’s such a relief to finally be able to do exactly what I want to do.

And what’s that?

AC: Not stop! Seriously, there’s a lot of times when I’ve been very close to coming and they’ve had to stop and change the focus and have us change the angle. It’s actually very frustrating. It happens a lot. People think that it’s just fucking in front of people but it’s a lot like acting. There’s a lot of unglamorous stuff that happens.

I definitely learned a lot about this Czech beauty during the interview and I hope you did too. Alexis has been doing porn for a while and it appears that she’s here to stay. I think everyone is pretty happy about that. She’s definitely got to be the focus of a lot of fantasies out there, with her big brown eyes and her beautiful. She’s fun to talk with as well. Alexis is charming and very open about what she does and what she likes. I cannot wait to see what she’ll star in next.